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Nothing is hotter this summer than the 90s! The comeback of the Dad Jeans and Cara Delevigne’ W Magazine photo have totally made that official and next thing you’ll know, we will be watching the new season of Home Improvement. Let’s face it fashion has been going through what one would call a repetitive cycle. Some would even say that fashion reached its creative peek with Alexander McQueen and after his death it was just a whirlwind of repetitions. I doubt however, that the lack of creativity is the problem and if creativity is at all involved, it might rather be its price tag that has got us going back and forth with the 20th century’s eclectic trends.

One might have seen this coming after D&G first Byzantine collection in 2013 and Nicolas Ghesquière’s 60s-inspired show in 2014; Time has finally come for the prosperous 90s and its Prince of Bel Air wardrobe. Great news for those who – like me – were long diagnosed with 90s’ nostalgia syndrome! Don’t get me wrong the 60s were the epitome of  elegance but those years were simply turbulent! On the other hand the 90s – despite the tackiness – were prosperous and particularly uniquely peaceful; the war has just ended; the wall had fallen down and Clinton’s economic boom! So if you’re a 90s’ Kid and excited about this year’s fashion, here is a summer outfit you might like!

Some of you might know this already but I am a shameless eclecticist! I can never be inspired from one movement and I can never have a conformist style. I like to break down elements and make a collage out of things. Yes it’s 90s but I don’t want to look like a flashback from Boy meets World! I accordingly chose to break the 90s look with a little throwback from the 50s. All what you need is a colorful America-Cut T-Shirt (widely popular in the 90’s) and Bell knee-length skirt (a 50’s must).  Now you want to keep this look modern and neat.  The downside of 90s’ fashion is that it was too chaotic and messy, so for a modern look keep the design concentrated in one place, like in my awesome personal custom made T-Shirt by SignYourName. It is perfect because all what you need to see is carefully laid out and concentrated in the center. The design is perfectly retro inspired and processes in the same time the 90s colorfulness. Remember the point is to keep it minimal and modern so when you wear it with a Bell Skirt make sure you chose a pattern-less one with earth-tone colors. I chose white in this case because I didn’t want to take away the value of the shirt, but if that’s not important to you just chose the least dominant color in the shirt as an attribute to the skirt.

For some final touches, throw on a simple beaded short necklace for a spark and white sneakers because it screams 90s’ comfort.  For this look always shoes your flats’ color the same as your skirt’s.  You don’t want to confuse people when looking at you. You can complete the look with a matching Tote Bag and thanks again to SignYourName for the mega cool custom Blogger Tote!

If you want to see different variations of the 90s’ eclectic look, I will be showing you throughout this month, the different options for your 2015 summer. Remember, for this look keep your T-shirt wide and fold the sleeves up. The tight body combined with the Bell skirt has become less popular this season.  And if you have fallen in love with my custom pieces than stay tuned for a SignYourName special this week; Find out all about the brand and how you can get your own custom signed accessory!

Fashion Photography at it’s best | Christine Kreiselmaier


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There are many talented artists in the world of fashion but only very few leave a mark on us and only a few we remember. Photographer Christine Kreiselmaier made her mark on me, as I discovered her work through some of SteinRohners previous campaigns – most noticeable in Lass Waksen.

Out of the endless lists of fashion photographers, Christine delivers more than photographs, she delivers a soul. After the digital boom, nearly anybody can pick up a camera and make good photographs but only a few can actually produce something of value and Christine does that. She is an extremely skilled photographer no doubt but she doesn’t stop there, she takes up art direction and she does it wonderfully. Whether it subconscious or not, I love the way she combines eclecticism with retro-minimalism together and still deliver extremely modern work. What fascinates me more is how even through simplicity, she is capable to induce glamour and wildness. She gives us a little to see but a lot to feel and this is what real fashion is about – Feeling! A photographer’s work is not any less than a director’s, as both must bring out a character in the subjects they shoot. Christine Kreiselmaier is definitely able to provoke her subjects – experienced or not – to bring out the emotions, the beauty and the character needed to complete the story.

Her academic background is as impressive, she has completed a BA degree in Art History and English Literature from the University of Berne (CH) and a degree in Photography from LCC (London College of Communication) and an MA in Fashion Photography from LCF (London College of Fashion). She has worked with labels like SteinRohner, Catherine Wales, Aetheree, Volpone, It’s Lauber, PAMB and was published by Harpers Bazaar, Madame Figaro, L’Officiel Ukraine, L’Officiel Switzerland, Vogue Italia, One Magazine, Fault magazine, Noctis, Guise, 1883 Magazine, Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and the list goes on.
(View Published Work)

I wish Christine much success and hope to work with her some day.

Hello Spring | I am not a fan


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Spring is here and strangely I am not in the mood for it! Sure, the scenery is phenomenal and the atmosphere is wondrous but for some…its just irritating!
I mean that literally. The allergies, the bugs and sudden rainfall can put your body in the most inconvenient situation and your mood swings can turn so bad it starts to do the Twist! Continue reading

Fashion film | Magdalena Koziej


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My fascination with fashion clips is endless and so is my admiration for Magdalena Koziej! For those who don’t the design, Magdalena is an upcoming fashion design form Poland who is know for her unique style – a fusion of goth and glamor. I had met the design through the ADEA while we collaborate on a fashion clip for her Gothic Cathedral-inspired collection.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 2.25.50 PM

The concept was built around the Gargoyles and as the myth tells they turn from stone into creatures at sun set. We applied this concept to two beautiful models who as supposed, came to life at night. The idea was to project strength, sensuality, mystery and glamor, elements that Koziej bases her brand identity on.

After our successful collaboration, Koziej invited “Moda Styletelling” to her first runway show at The Gallery in Berlin Fashion Week. As great as her show was, Koziej will not stop impressing. Magdalena Koziej is a new comer with undoubtedly a great start. I look forward to Koziej’s next collection!

Casio | The Comeback


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Here’s some news for you! I am wearing a watch again! After years of smart phone-dependance, I have decided to go back to retro…cheesy? …maybe. Authentic? …Definitely!

I grew up in the 90’s where everyone was carrying Casio Watches on their wrists. For Kids and Grownups, a Casio was as popular as today’s smart phones, not because they were “Cool” but simply because they were practical, functional and at that time it was modern! It beeps, it has an alarm, a timer and for god’s sake…It was digital! My grandpa had a Casio and so did I and in the 90’s we were all happy being awkward, nerdy and plastic!

Continue reading

Gods and Kings | The Sneak Peek


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Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.01.37 AM

How often do you find a well writen book about two of your favorite designers?

It is hard enough to find a book about fashion that isn’t 80% Images, so when I heard that Dana Thomas has just released her double biography “Gods and Kings – The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano” I went to my closest Book Store and ordered myself a copy!

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