Breaking rules with Retro

The 40’s are back! Back bolder and brighter!

In the mood for a sexy captivating soiree get on board with this outfit!

For you ladies who find inspiration in 40’s fashion and want to keep a modern look. Here is how to do it.

For a basic start grab onto an electric blue (or any bright color) pencil skirt to give freshness to your outfit. Darker pencil skirts would be more appropriate for a formal office day. If you are audacious courageous and daring break the rules and combine bold colors together. Don’t worry they will tone each other down.

Combine your pencil skirt with a purple Bustier Top to give contrast to the electric bleu of the skirt. The Bustier here gives a sexy young edge to the skirt and breaks down the formality of the outfit. If you were in the mood for drinks in an exclusive chic club this combination would be perfect for the occasion.

Now you have the basics covered, you have a standard 40’s inspired outfit. However, if you are looking to “wow” the crowd and turn heads around crown yourself with a chic glamorous Metalic–Obergine Turban. This headpiece has been recycled over and over since first introduced by Paul Poiret in the 20’s. Popularized by Hollywood actresses in the 40’s film noir, this trend has never died, from fashion Icons like Sophia Lauren to the Kardashian sisters, Turbans have crowned rocked an dazzled millions. For this look specifically I choose a metallic fabric with pear ornaments perfect fit for a soiree. For a more casual occasion, make sure you wear your Turban using a more matte and discrete fabric.

You can also give brightness to your face and wrap your neck with dazzling collar–necklace. This detachable color works well as a necklace for this extra edge, extra glamour inside an exclusive dark disco club.

After you have worn the necessities throw on a 40’s inspired Cap for a chic entrance and a warmer night. The cape covering the bust will hold down the outfit all together for a more poised style. Put on matching high heeled booties and your set to go.

Have fun ladies!

Skirt: H & M
Booties: Geppy Roma
Bustier Top: La senza
Cape: Guya Shop
Turban: Vintage
Necklace: Union Mall

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Matteo Bardi says:

    doesn’t it look like a bit British look?
    nice photos on the white block…..

    1. yes it does take me back to London in its late 30′s early 40′s
      and thank you 🙂

  2. yes it does take me back to London in its late 30’s early 40’s
    and thank you 🙂

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