‘Cause I had a bad day…

Do you know what it feels like waking up and feeling that the day you’re going to have it’s going to be pretty bad?? Inside of me there was a voice telling me to stay in bed, but since I had school I had to get out of bed; now I wish I didn’t.

The day started by running to school (cause I thought I was late but in the end had to still wait 15 min for the professor, we waited under the rain…). After school (around 1pm) I went to help a friend of mine carrying some boxes (she’s chaining house) and on my way back home I got robbed!!!!

I took a really crowded bus and I guess on It, somebody stole my phone. I didn’t noticed anything until I arrived home and then I notice that my phone wasn’t in my pocket. I got so mad at myself for letting someone steal it from my pocket, not only it’s offensive but it’s a big violation of my personal zone (that’s what I hate the most). This all robing situation lasted not more then 2 second and in those minutes somebody in the world, got my “beloved” phone  (I was really attached to him, and I already miss him). I’m a phoen-aholic and I find it really hard to live without him… 

 To feel a little bit better, I decided to go SHOPPING (that always works!!!), so I went to JDC and spend there, more then 2h. It was already since a week that I saw the “medium” length COLMAR jacket (I really wanted) but they didn’t have my size. Today, I went to check out the sizes and they didn’t have it in blue (not in my size at least- 42). The Blue jacket was there only in a 44 and it was definitely to big for me (and the 40 to small). The decision that I had to take was hard: buy the blue color (but in a longer version) or the medium one in a black?

I really had now idea how to answer this question; at the end the question arrived to my head (black- even if I have many it’s a color that always goes -it’s never out of style- so better to have it in this evergreen color). – in the picture you don’t see the real color (black).

 Do you think I did the right choices??? 

I was so happy to finally buy my first Colmar; not only because I bought it with my own money (that I earn by working) but even because it’s nice to be able to afford some stuff, all by myself. This jacket wasn’t only a goal because I achieve it by myself, but even because I got it for a really grate price. In the JDC store in milan there is (until tomorrow) the discount of 20% on people who put “like” at their FB page in the store and plus I even took off the Tax Free! For a Fashion Blogger what better then getting high quality at a low price?

 The only thing that reminded me that was a bed day was; after going back on -wearing my new jacket- I was waking on the sidewalk and 2 cars (one after the other), arrived really fast and got the waterhole (created by the rain) and literally (like in the moves) made me a shower. My hairs where all wet (on the side of where the cars just passed) and my pants to; don’t even talk about my new jacket…. As soon as I arrived home (luckily 5 min after, I wasn’t that far) I had to get in the shower. When I turned my water on (on the wet side) I didn’t even needed to get my hair wet before the soap (the cars already did that for me -.- )!!!

 After that nothing more happened and I hope this really bad day will pass as soon as possible because i’m getting crazier from all this bad events, seems like they are all happening to me…  

 On top of everything I need to finish my homework so I’m not able to translate this in Italian right now…

 Big kisses and hope you’re luckier then me


 I was wearing:

Colmar jacket by JDC


PS. life in not always a pretty rainbow (like you saw my day today), but we have to try to do every day are best ❤ 

Check out my fashion BLOG: www.thefashiometer.com

XOXO Arianna Pianca


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