Christmas in Style

POISE DESIGNWanting to spend the holiday seasons in style? …Then do I have the tip for you.

Last week I visited Poise Design and spoke with CEO and Creative Director Emma Boutros who showed her latest Christmas Collection.

Refined elegance coats Poises latest creative and trendy designs.

Weather you’re for platform pumps or ballerina flats, Poise is the one for you.

Colors inspired by the jolly season, Christmas-sparkled lights and fabric softer than fluffy white snow, ornament each piece of Poise Design.

Spellbinding, Poise’s items are wearable with many different styles. If you are the conservative classic or the trendy Fashionista Poise will always go with any of your outfit. Its all a mater of mix and match. Lets check out What Ms. Boutros has ready for fashion Lovers this season.

Screen shot 2012-11-13 at 9.53.21 AM  Screen shot 2012-11-23 at 11.17.02 AM

Golden Metallic ballerina Screams classic chicness and what else could be more perfect for a festive Christmas dinner.


Black classic cut ballerinas with chiffon puffy puffs topping gives a certain twist and identity to Poise’s most iconic designs. This piece is discrete. Nevertheless, it stands out with its uniqueness. It goes with everything and any style you want and that’s the beauty of Poise Design. It can be worn with leggings, jeans, simple white/black/colored dress. Whatever is the style you are aiming for, this piece is perfect for you.


This piece also comes with white velvet topping and perfect for a white Christmas diner outfit.


This dark blue velvet bow topped with Swarovski particles, steps it up. for a more formal occasion and princess like look, choose this item to match any chic gown of your choice.


Step it up it a notch and rock it with a more edgy yet classy Swarovski ballerinas. If you are a fan of embellished outfits match your style with these lovely babies.

ballerine 5
Christmas party and nothing to wear?
Pull these off with any party dress of your choice and you are set.
Topped with swarovski ornaments this item screams Sexy bombshell glamor.
Now you can say “regardes moi dans les yeux”

HEELS1Loafers! Latest trend this season, reminiscent of 19th C. fashion, this eclectic piece have roamed stores this year. However, Poise Design has clearly set their print and made it as unique as it gets. With bright velvet Santa red and royal gold design this item is more than you need for a festive Christmas style. This chic trend is definitely a keeper.


Last but not least, a rocky edgy black boots are any girls must have. A classic cut combined with trendy, edgy, metallic golden punk pins will give the twist to any outfit you wear.


Buon Natale 🙂


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