Secret santa Is it always confusing getting gifts for your secret Santa? I know what you mean… I was so confused this year of what to give for my friend on Christmas. I wanted something small but not too small, something she needs but something nice. I wanted my gift to be cute, thoughtful, practical and of course not too expensive.If you have the same problem then keep reading.

My friend has recently launched “Oprima“, an online shopping page where she displays her latest and most creative handmade lady’s wool accessories. If you want the perfect souvenir for a dear friend check this interesting collection.

Starting with simple stylish rings, electric flower-puff blue can freshen up your outfit but in the same time keeping the look warm and cosy like fluffy snow.



Same for this Pistachio-bio green hand made ring, bright for a sunny winter day.397025_10151853957081515_2024041958_n 818_10151837997061515_669510402_n

The ribbon ring that is invading fashion stores this year but with Oprima fashion a warmer fabric for winter cozy inspiration

18001_10151853956046515_603703699_n I like this piece because it works for both winter and summer and works really well protecting the hand wrist and keeping them warm. Whatever the season is the flower pattern gives a fresh warm mood that goes along with anything you decide to wear. I call this a smart accessory.


I Love the colors she chose because she doesn’t stick to dark winter gloomy colors, She steps it up with bright, soft and warm colors  483635_10151838002126515_2101583882_n
Not only that but she also designs necklaces. Fun designs that can fit anything you wear
Soft!!530416_10151878001566515_1688478723_nHmmm Earrings too! I think I shall make a gift basket form Optima’s designs.

I like how this wool Broche, gives a nice touch a nice twist to a winter coat. It really gives it a sweet and interesting attitude. 432360_10151850855311515_826387096_n

We all like a nice warm cup of tee/coffee/hot chocolate on a cold winter day. weather you are on the go or cuddling in bed this 5$ cup holder will put a smile on your face. A customized design for your own taste will protect your hands from a sizzling burn keep your drink warm and most importantly give you some style. This customized trend is not a simple “kitsch” element it grows way beyond that, its a matter of reflection of self identity and telling the world about your personality. These pieces can make a good accessory for a nice gift

154453_10151876480781515_1703536323_n 550505_10151876480571515_233557058_n

80’s Cassette tape So in this year. I’m finding those everywhere and on everything…even as IPhone covers

277951_10151876481141515_536752676_o 383701_10151876475001515_84097913_n

One of my favorite and most trendy piece this season: Mr. Mustache, has invaded stores this year. I even bought many shirts this year with Mr. Mustache design, I will soon right an article about it too so stay tuned 😉


Customized Neck Warmers!! Sick of ordinary scarf gifts?…Get this 20$ wool hand made neck warmer instead. More stylish and very trendy this year! I even got a similar gift on Christmas about which I will write in my next article.

I like to encourage handmade designs more eco-friendly and more personal. If you like these designs Check Oprima’s design on https://www.facebook.com/groups/247799362014770/?fref=ts

Meanwhile stay tuned for more on my winter pieces.


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