Happy CHIC 2013


NYE 2013 Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2013 and I hope you all had a great, fun and interesting evening. ☺

Today I will share with you what I’ve worn on New Years Eve and maybe it could be an inspiration for those who like it.

I chose a style that can be simple, classy, timeless and yet edgy-trendy. Some might like glitter others might like paillettes for a shiny New Years Eve party in my case I chose a simple Golden satin dress. Simple cut that outlines your bodylines finishes up to the color with big bowed ribbon. The dress itself is simple and very fashionable to wear. If you want to put some style and some accessorize into it, I have the right elements for you.

Because the dress already has twist in the collar part do not over accessorize. So start with a simple matching purse, which I was lucky to find in Nine West. Not only the color match but also the fabric and the ribbon twist.

Then match the outfit with a nice matching pair of heels, which also I was lucky to find at Pia Mia. Same color same fabric and complimenting geometry. Now for the final touch, to put a little dazzle accessorize your hand with a stylish vintage bracelet and ring. Throw on a matching pair of earrings and your set to go. Now you have a simple yet complex dress, a vintage yet modern look. I think of this as timeless chicness.

If you like to keep it more simple choose a more discreet bracelet. OHH! And don’t forget your New Year’s Confetti and mask 😉





Dress: Nivoo
Shoes: Pia Mia
Bag: Nine West
Accessories: vintage


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