Haute Couture

I am still locked inside my home but that doesn’t mean I cant fashionize my day with some posts.

Today’s topic will focus on fashion design Joe Challita who’s work has been thriving in the world of Haute couture. 

Joe Challita is driven by the essence of design; the beauty that fashion is able to compliment, capture and radiate. His love of beauty and all things vintage reflects in each piece he designs. He uses exquisite fabrics while manipulating vintage fashion to create a synergy of vintage nouveau. He used Lebanese heritage, to interpret a unique style. He relies on old couture techniques and concentrates on exclusive custom-made dresses. Truly romantically glamorous yet edgy, Joe’s designs form a bridge between old and new, classic and modern.

I personally love how he makes the authentically romantic progressively edgy. So cutting edge that he ushers a whole new concept of feminine elegance and sophistication. That is truly what a modern woman really needs.

“When women wear Joe Challita Couture, they are a dream, lucid and lavish.” Says Joe.

I am sure you will agree once you see one his bests and my favorites in the following pictures.

I will start with his “blossom” collection that took my breath away! I wish I had my hands on these pieces right now I would never take them off once they are on! It makes you feel like a flower sprouting from the soil of a 17th C. Châteaux garden. So delicate, romantic and fragile yet so powerfully edgy and strong like white flower thorns.

So beautiful how the designs and cuts of this dress merge and compliment the nature behind it. with a little twist with black heels you have yourself a cutting edge couture gown. Pictures speak for themselves, sometimes I feel like I don’t need to say more.

I like the details of the collar that reflect late 17th c. royal inspiration.

Moving on to his “Golden Era” collection where we notice a more sensitive approach to design. For fluid and more authentic. Maybe a dash of modernism with less edgy attitude compliment the nostalgia of the real golden era or as famously known “l’âge d’or”. Whether its in the fabric or in the design, this lavish collection takes us back to the epoque of “le Roi Soleil”. his work is a journey you take through a world of lavish dreams.

Last but not least his “opera” collection that elevates your spirit for a more grandiose image. Fluidity combined with cutting edge designs, put the “A” in Avant Guard couture. This is not just fashion, this work of ART!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. annatì says:

    love, love, love!!!!

    1. thank you! Im in love with the designs
      Pat 🙂

  2. thank you! Im in love with the designs

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