Tropical Heritage

Spending vacations in Brazil is an experience that can take you back in time.

Bahia, a northeastern state is known for its cultural traditions on dances, religious matters, use of colors and especially good humour. This is the place where Brazil was found and still nowadays you can meet indians walking on the beaches.

Future has brought the Pataxós indians to a financial understanding that tourists can help their economy. At the beach the indians sell some artifacts made of seeds and feathers.

The colors invade the space combining sunny tropic atmosphere with the indian culture. It is important to remember their traditions on weaving graphic designs.

I invited my friend Fernanda Mendes, a home designer, to pose with a beautiful hair adornment made with red feathers. Colors do enhance beauty to the face. Do you agree??

Fascinated by the impact caused on the sand the indians were my best inspiration for the summer with their own style. It is a must to share!

DSC00806 DSC00802 DSC00801

DSC00807 DSC00798


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