Fashion Movie Show!

One of the most creative fashion shows I have been happened in Rio de Janeiro this year.

It was the launch of Patrícia Vieira’s leather wear summer collection. Surprise! It all happened in a movie theater. The collection was presented in a film format.

All guests gathered in the movie room at a real cinema and were hosted by the brand’s owner  Patricia Vieira herself along with the film maker Felipe Veloso, her jetsetter sister Andrea Dellal and her team. Everyone got popcorn and chocolates to enjoy the film exhibition.

Filmed in Rio de Janeiro’s coast the movie had many Hawaian notes but with a Brazilian interpretation.

What really hit me was when the film ended. All of us guests were invited for a cocktail at a Temporary Store which was opened right after the film projection for only that day. At the store all the collection that had just been seen in a small quantity but all for sale.

People could buy the first pieces even before they arrived at the stores, even before summer arrived! Wasn’t this A.MA.ZING???

Check some image memoirs I did with my Canon!!!IMG_6645 IMG_6629 IMG_6644 IMG_6656 IMG_6649 IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6661 IMG_6654


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