Bokja design.


A part of being a good designer is spotting new and different creations that have striking identity to their image. Its is that kind of thinking that will lead me to share with you one of the most iconic fresh designers in Lebanon and the middle east. Today’s topic will focus on Bokja Design.

Bokja is a design studio that produces furniture and artistic installations. Their designs have a touch of bold color and oriental patterned textures to any product they design.

They have a smart way in employing local artisans’ and transforming their work in to a modern designer outcome. Their proceeds got to local organizations dedicated to women empowerment.

The talents behind the vision of Bokja are Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri. Hoda always had a passion for ancient tapestries and textiles, and Maria for antique furniture. The two joined forces in 2000 and chose a highly evocative name for their company: Bokja, an old Turkish word for the embellished velvet wrapping containing the traditional hand embroidered dowry of a bride.

Bokja designs are highly inspired from 50s, 60s and 70s eras. They use Beirut’s flea markets and antique dealerships, and with exuberant tapestries and textiles they transform these old antiques into Bokja creations. For a modern and neo bohemian look, I recommend you try Bokja’s one-of-a-kind pieces offering a richly textured sense of history.

Here is a sneak peak in Bokja’s atelier.

bokja bokja bokja bokja

bokja bokja   bokja bokja bokja bokja

bokja bokja bokja bokja bokja

bokja bokja   bokja bokja

Bokja installations and intervention campaigns:

Phonecia’s %0th anniversary installations.


Bokja expresses thoughts towards peace with “tyre(d)” intervention campaign.

bokja bokja bokjaThis “Bokja Bug” was even shown in Milan’s Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design week 2010.


bokja bokja bokja


The Bokja “Opium” chair in London.



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