Lebanese whispers

Since I am still triggered on Lebanese mode, I decided before I share with you my surprise styling photoshoot, to write you about Sara’s bags.

Sara’s bags is a Lebanese designer brand that focuses around fashion accessories and mainly hand bags. What drove me to write about Sara’s bags is he unique distinctive style, which is inspired by pop urban Beiruty sub culture. Sara uses distinctive Lebanese icons artists ideas and words and translates them through her own art creations.

Using the skills of artisans Sara’s creations reveal the timeless beauty of Arabic calligraphy on an elegant evening clutch, or the bold silver hardware of a punk-rock princess shoulder bag.

Sara’s language is contemporary fashion combined with retro glamour and Middle Eastern pop culture. Catchy lines from Lebanese love songs are playfully stitched onto chic totes, Omar Sherif, Asmahan and Sabah are forever adored on their print clutches and Umm Kalthoum finally meets Andy Warhol.

So vibrant and so glamorous, wearing Sara’s bags you show a playful yet mature side of your style.

Sarah Beydoun, founder and creator of Sarah’s bag has become a globally known name in the world of accessory and design.Through a series of amateur pictures I will show you how Sara’s bags became a great success in the world of women’s accessories specially on the Lebanese trendy fashion scene


sara sara


“I am from Beirut” earing sara Lebanese Designers Corner (12)sara sara  sara sara sara sara sara sara sara sara sara  sara  sara sara sara

stay tuned for my surprise styling shoot 🙂


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