Basket Design

Spotlights, lamplights and lighting in general are so much linked to design. If you look back in time Venetian chandeliers will make you understand that light is a craft made  like art, by hand.

But does that art also exist in a popular handcraft artisan tradition?

Strolling about in Brazil’s countryside I found its popular arty craft quite contaminated by modern style but still very curious. It reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana’s last fashion show that culminated in a spectacular basket dress which brought the audience to minutes applause. Those were inspired in the Sicilian basket weaving tradition.

Basket weaving tradition and light were the key notes that drove my Canon lenses to spot the design of these street bohemian light hangers.

The boldness of the round shape is there woven in many fibers. In contrast there are lines formed by sticks that joined together also strive for roundness.

Check it out!

IMG_0475 IMG_0368 IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0575 IMG_0527 IMG_0526 IMG_0557


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