Party Time – When a Color Becomes a Theme

Colors add a twist to many occasions in our lives. Could you ever imagine Christmas without green and red? What about Valentine’s Day with no red?

When planning a party, colors can play a great role. Thematic parties do meet a certain style and are so fashionable nowadays as a way of translating an atmosphere. On the other hand colors have always been there as a distinction of seasons and moods.

Yesterday “Luxo de Festa” a bridal/ wedding event organization in Brasília organized a cocktail to launch their prize and communicate their three-day event dates.

The chosen color was pink since the organizers understood this is the color that best represents every girl golden dream of getting married.

From the lights to flower arrangements the color was present. Check it out!

Just wondering if you were to choose a color to be your own party identity, what color would that be?65259_534734966566646_1224010005_n 537933_534722163234593_298892524_n 531568_534722206567922_1698742948_n 481413_534722256567917_1771026601_n 483396_534722336567909_1783596089_n


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