It´s so good to be back!

Ciao Tutti!

Finally I am back, I missed Milan so much. Being back to classes and wear shorts in the Italian weather. This Post is about one of those days when one really does not expect How it was going to end.

It was februaray 25th, the last day of fashion week and we had a class with a new teacher called Orietta, besides introducing us to this blog and being one of thoose teachers that gives you tha feelling of “I am really in the right place”, she brought our class to Cool Hunter Italy Fair.

Being there I meet many young designers of accessories , cloths and shoes. Very talented and very lovely many of them. they Invited me to do an outfit with pieces exposed by the designers and some interviews.

The topic of the Morning and the Exposition held in the Palazzo Giureconsulti was Female Dandy, how fashion is presenting this concept of a strong female who conquers a world of men and which has as well many new repercussion in other more sutil levels, like the feminization of menswear. So I inspired the out of that concept but using rather “Funny” pieces.


I first found this very funny collar  called Lady Poker” , from Bizzaria an accessories Brand. Her Designer Camila ,a very interesting person, has this concept of using many fabric material, and creates very fun pieces, that in my opinion can give personality to an outfit.

Her link:


It got my attention for its round detailing and I wa looking for something round. The Brand is called Prism Couture and the designer Gaettano, Exposed pieces inspired on Army jackets but with very round shapes in quite big proportions. Which by the way was a strong trend for W/F 2013-2014.

His Link:


they came from a Brand called Maison 39, her designer Sara Tassi presented this Black skinny pants in a fabric with a very baroque texture. Very Femenine, well structured and with texturized. I Love textures! 😀

Her Link:


They were a very creative idea and a rather romantic concept. The designer is Shari Fontani. Her shoes had removable heels, so each shoe could have a change of character changing its heel, which were inspired on the seven capital sins.

Her Link:


This was personally one of the most funny parts of the day, the designer Giuglia Boccafogli makes accessories, using recycled leather giving a second life to this material inspired by Victorian ornaments, talking about contrasts!. But her passion is to make hats, she learned that in San francisco, and even though it wasn’t part of the collection she lent me her had , as I am in love with hats!

her Link:

It was a fun day, and there were so many young designers, that it was not possible to link them all, but you can check all of them on Cool Hunters site: can check all of them in their website:

if you want to check up further that day here is the video with the interviews to the designers.

This was not intended to be such a long post, but it was a fun day and I love meeting people who are creative with fashion. Besides my apologies for not posting in one week, thanks for reading, to the ones who made it to the end of this post.

Have a lovely week



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  1. matteobardi says:

    Very good Ferdy….. I like this report…. a bit too long the video….. and next time bring a microphone with you…

  2. Yeah after that I got a good camera and microphone! i know the lenght was a little too much …i know i cutted as much as i could
    It was all so improvised!….. lol

  3. Love your report! thanks!

  4. Ferdi! great post! and the shoot! love the hat collar necklace a great styl pulled off
    yours truely Patricia

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