21th Birthday and The Little Black Jacket

This week I should start by apologizing for not to post on the last week, but since it was the Desing Week it turned to be a quite fuzzy and with my birthday on wednesday I totally got carried away. In any case since I found out that the little black jacket exposition was coming in to Milan, I knew I had to go and and it would be a perfect activity to mix with my birthday.

P1250750 On the exposition you staying until the 20th you can admire besides the skills of Karl Lagerfeld as a Photographer and Carine Roitfield as stylist. It is a wide display of the versatility of the signature garment of Chanel. Black and White, in Fire Engraving or with Video Support the jacket adapts to every presentation, ragged, or classic, on your head or over style icons, avant-garde or conservatice, and suits everyone Women and Men.


With a very Minimal Layout over wooden panel walls held by simple Pins, the exposition makes a contrast between Content of the picture and Environment of its presentation carried on by the mid light illumination.

Some of those who really catched my attention:


Ragged and cutted.1001_carine_roitfeld_the_little_black_jacket_karl_lagerfeld_chanel

Carine Roitfeld remeinds us of Madmoiselle Chanel, the creator of the Jacket.


Folded and crowning Sarah Jessica Parker.

Everyone who knows me, would know how I worship Gabrielle Chanel and specially the Chanel Jacket. Inspired in by menswear in the 20´s Gabrielle Chanel turned her androginous inspiraion into the epithomy of elegance. For the ones of my generation, we got to know the Chanel Jacket as  a classic piece of womenswear wardrobe which fascinated me since I can remember. It has inspired my favourite outfits and my signature look,and if we think a little further , isnt that what chanel did? Take a piece from the other gender and turn it into your own.

My birthday outfit…


as usual wishing you a lovely week.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. matteobardi says:

    nice report…. very good boy….

  2. Wunderbar artikel liebe Ferdi 😀

    1. genau für dich…ich hab deins wirklich geliebt!:D

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Ferdi! I do love your Blog. Really nice and interesting report. Well done!

    1. thank you! so much 😀

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