Style ID

Ciao fashion people!
Its been quite sometime since I’ve written you. Today’s article welcomes a new audience with a little tribute to our dear Male friends!

My fabulously and eternally stylish friend C.O. always impresses me with his trendy, sharp and neat look! I could not help my self but put him under Lea B’s Canon Camera Lens ❤
A variety of outfits highlight all what we need to know about his Style ID.

IMG_3831  IMG_3833

boulii333 Like all You like but GeekChic is my personal Tic! If there’s anyone who can pull this look off, its definitely him! The effortless simplicity, can turn the look form Geek chic to Sport Chic. Its no magic trick ladies and gents, nothing but a simple change of shades and one button down  and there you have it! IMG_3852  Eclecticism by different means! I love how this outfit molds three different styles together! 60’s skinny jeans, raw American Jeans and Nordic Moccasins merge into this milky strawberry cream look!  1044954_10152040889514112_326658027_n

Another Late 70’s Rock n’ Roll look confirms my theory about how C.O. is a style to tell! dipped in Zara from head to toe, wouldn’t that be a must have look?!!1001615_10152005973024112_434452104_nClothes by: Zara, Topman


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