Los Intocables … Art and society

After a rainny weekend which refreshed the city, I rejoice in thinking that tomorrow the August holidays are over and the city will come back to normal and all the stores will be open again and the city full of people. But since it is sunday I spend it traditionally staying at home and checking out the news. I found a rather unexpected art work from a fellow latin artist.

Los Intocables, (meaning the untouchables in Spanish) are on of the latest works of the cuban artist Erik Ravelo. It denounces in a rather emotionally touching, crimes of our society. Being the criminals the one who crucify the weakest and purest from our society.82E3BQd ANlBf7q bfDJa6D bHW3yeh cOldkL3 japan3 mckdonalds3

A rather emotionally touching concept to present, but I believe it is important for us fashion lovers, to remember the importance and responsibility we and our industry has among our society. Besides being a really strong conceptual presentation. Wishing you a lovely week

Love and macaroons



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