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Hi everyone.

Last thursday I was invited to the launching event of what I consider a mindblowing project to bring fashion closer for everyone. It´s called My Secret Dressing Room

MySDRoom_ Homepage Preview

All of us who have best girlfriends, also know that it means sometimes someone can save you when you need a new outfit or accesory for a look.  People of  „ My secret dressing room „ took this idea to a whole new level.

BeFunky_bgirlfriend.jpg copy

Based on an online plattaform, you can put your designer pieces online,  on their site adn rent it for a weekend, weekn or month, for a fraction of the original price.

MySDRoom_Dettaglio Sezione_Anteprima

Besides renting your pieces, you can also rent from someone else. In both cases they will manage to clean and care for the piece if something comes back with an imperfection. Also a proper photo shooting of the Garment.

BeFunky_IMG_8783.jpg On the Launching party they showed some of the products, the concept and working dynamic.

BeFunky_IMG_8786.jpg BeFunky_IMG_8788.jpg IMG_8787

If you are like me who sometimes knows what he need but maybe just for one time, it is a great chance of solving an outfit crisis. I leave you the link in here.

As always you can follow us on Facebook, or follow us in Twitter, or add me to my personal Facebook for any questions.

Special thanks to Elisa from my secret dressing room.

Wishing you a lovely week

Yours Ferdi.


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