NAVADA – Berlin Fashinon Week

As part of my Berlin Fashion Week Diary, today’s section will introduce London Based NAVADA by Natalia Zawada. The first glance that took my heart away, was at BFW’s The Gallery exhibition. The Flipper Jacket was hard to miss! progressive design mixed with well tailored cuts This Jacket is wardrobe must have!
There, I had a nice talk with the designer herself, Natalia talks about her upcoming plans and what NAVADA is all about; “Tailored, Progressive, Offbeat Inspired by a modern era of digital media and electronic music, Navada embodies an array of vibrant colors emphasized through imaginative and exclusive prints. Navada is being developed as a progressive brand, producing fun and innovative yet sustainable, limited-issue designs. In addition to supporting local businesses with the majority of production being carried out in Poland, to ensure high quality products and promote a Polish trade on both the local and international fashion scenes.” Intrigued, I attend her evening runway show. Nothing to regret for sure! NAVADA puts the “S” in surprise! A wonderful collection sweeps around, as I sat with the audience, enjoying NAVADA’s modern cuts and interesting mix of new material.

I constantly hunt for designers with a fresh taste. NAVADA does it all for me. It sums up a modern young women’s needs. I know for sure I will always have more free space of a NAVADA tailored piece.
A little bit about the designer: Natalia Szczepanska is the designer behind Navada. Experienced in styling, she has recently obtained a degree in tailoring from the University of Arts London and has extensive knowledge of innovative graphics and print. Relocating to London in 2008, she has studied at both LCF and CSM, refining her pattern-cutting and garment construction skills while applying her talents in print and design during an eight-month placement with Alexander McQueen. Drawing on her wide and varied experience and unique design abilities, Natalia is now creating her own, striking, ready-to-wear brand.


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