low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0210Dear fashion diary,

Berlin Fashion Week like always brings us the freshest must see designers. This years The Gallery’s Favorite are, Herzlich Willkommen from Poland!

Herzlich Willkommen is fashion label created by Alicja Saar and Małgorzata Wójcicka, graduates of Faculty of Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Established in Warsaw, Poland 2011.
Brand emphasize casual but unique clothing. It presents unconventional approach to fabrics and materials. Comfort and sensibility are the points, supported by prints used in pawky way.
These cooperation is a result of similar visions and passions. There is no over-interpretation. Creators are looking for simple forms, in discreet way referring to sportswear. They’re trying to achieve perfect mix of street-wear and elegance. Searching for modern beauty and individuality, designers use printed fabrics of their own design.

hi_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0013 2  hi_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0033 2 hi_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0037 2

Range of used colors has been minimized to pure, strong and optimistic ones. White is a dominant but it’s supplemented with black, metallic graphite and grey mélange. The strong accent is an orange color, which is used in its fluorescent, rich shade.

There was no way to pass over prints, which are the hallmark of brand. Check, which is a strong trend of current season , is treated in a surprising and humorous way. Geometric mesh is fuzzy and discolored, as it was soaked in bleach.

Collection has sporty and summer nature. An important part of the assortment are swimsuits. After that, there are typical clothing forms for this season such as t-shirts, shorts, lightweight coats and skimpy dresses as well as casual accessories e.g. backpacks, lightweight bags and funny bumbags made of PVC foil.

hi_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0063 2  hi_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0081 2  hi_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0095 2

As the designer herself said:

“Concept behind their collection:

Leading theme of this collection is transparency.

The game is played between degrees of transparency. Once a transparent fabric show the divisions created by the form of clothes, another time it gently overshadows contrasting materials to slightly dim the colors. It unveil the body in a sensual way, adding the sensitive nature to sport garments. The laboratory, translucent  nylon mixed with transparent nets and chiffon have dominated the collection. These are ethereal and lightweight nature fabrics.

All of used materials are industrial and slightly futuristic. Soft knitwear fills up collection with warm and cosy accents.  hi_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0159 2  low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0004  low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0018 low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0023 low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0030  low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0037    low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0063  low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0073  low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0081  low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0095 low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0102 low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0108    low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0142    low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0176  low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0192    low_FWP-OFF-Herzlich-Willkommen_0225stay tuned leute 😉


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