61 Ways To Say Yes

Jean Paul Gautier is a kitsch machine that doesn’t stop to impress us. His Spring 2015 Haute Couture show, titled 61 Façons de Se Dire Oui (61 ways to say yes), presented a series of wedding each with a different interpretation.


Photographer Clara Abi Nader was backstage, catching distinctive moments behind the ravishing beauty of JPG’s couture collection:

“I was completely mind-blown by the beauty, the elegance, the rush, the perfectionism that happens before the show. I had always wanted to shoot backstage and there it was! Right there in front of me! I loved the experience and I cannot wait to be shooting the fashion week again.”


We really hope so too! Not to belittle JPG’s work but Clara’s lens captures  delicate soft moments. Her pictures captivate me and they have such charm such softness! I feel a great deal of Délicatesse in every pictures she takes. The pictures speak the pictures feel just like the subjects she takes.
Clara is definitely the new Parisian rising star.


I’d like to rap today up with a nice message on the International Women’s Day. Paris based Photographer Clara Abi Nader creates the perfect message on this special day. Check out her work in process-project here and her self-portrait project here.


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