I met the two talented ladies, Inna Stein and Carolina Rohner, at the AEDA Ceremony last year. Through the usually attendance, one is always overwhelmed at Award Ceremonies but the Berlin-based designers, were very hard to miss! They did not win the award that night but they definitely won my heart!

What I personally love in STEINROHNER is its ability to be cleverly selective. They chose the right crumbs of Avant-Garde and the right bits of Haute Couture then they mix it all up to create wonderful unique pieces. They somehow remind me of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Grenouille selected the purest scents to create the most powerful perfume through which he would rule the world. What STEINROHNER does is equally brilliant but obviously less dark and less devious! They move cleverly between fashion and art establishing unconventional work.

Putting the “C” in Couture de la Rue, Inna and Carolina stay true to their work by bringing Niveau to every collection’s concept.
Ladies in gents. with STEINROHNER, as style is born!

I will be meeting the designers again soon so stay tuned for exclusive styling tips with me in STEINROHNER. My next article with break down all you need to know about the brand, the designers themselves and their last presentation at Paris Fashion Week.


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  1. love the Steinrohner!

    1. I’m so exited to meet them next month. Thx

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