Glacis-Galerie – Neu Ulm

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.46.27 AM

Its a good day for shopping queens when the Glacis-Galerie reopens it’s doors. The Shopping center’s opening ceremony was set on March the 20th and despite the fact that I did not make it on time, I was still happy that I came two days later. If you are a big fan of discounted items and great offers, make sure you go there as soon as possible.

For the celebration, the Glacis shops have made the most tempting offers especially on designer bags! Me being a regular Shoeholic, I walked through the overwhelming crowd until I found the perfect pair of shoes at Zara. Being a 36 foot-sized person, finding the right matching heals in Germany is quite difficult! I have walked three cities desperately trying to find my size – or at least a 36-heel that doesn’t fall out when I walk – was a terrible journey! So there I was 2min in Zara and Hallelujah! For all the suffering 36-footed Ladies in Germany Zara is your savior!

OH! Did I mention there was canned Prosecco!?
OH! Did I mention there was canned Prosecco!?

I will not lie to you, when one goes to a shopping mall one will most likely end up buying more than planed. With the glowing offers left and right I had to make another stop at Douglas. I walked in for 4 min and came out with a  YOUSTAR Pastel-paletted nail set. You can never go wrong with Pastels.

After a 2-hour walk in the Glacis, I finally decided to put my journey to end. It was too crowded to shop! In the end I came out satisfied but for those who prefer a calmer situation I would recommend you to wait a couple of days until the “Eröffnung’s” fiasco is over.

My pastels and my Zara are coming with me to Paris. Stay tuned for my Styling special next week.


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