What’s in my bag

To take a break from styling and fashion designers, today I will let you in on my personal beauty secrets.

Lets face it, we all know what a rush it is every morning to shower, put on your make-up, dress up and run around to make it to work (or what else) on time. I know for sure, that for many ladies make-up is the most time consuming morning-task one ever needs to do.

DSC_2048To be honest, I am not a big fan of make-up and I love natural looks. When I look tired or had little sleep, I rely mostly on creams. One hydrating-cream-Layer and another tinted-protecting-cream-layer usually are enough to give me a tidy-fresh look. My personal favorite is Balea’s hydrating cream for mixed skin. I live in Germany where my skin goes through different weather conditions in one day. To avoid dry spots I use Balea on a daily basis. It keeps my skin hydrated and UV-protected.

However after a long night of work a hydrating cream might not be enough to cover up the tiredness. I also use SVR 50 – Écran Minéral Teinté which is usually used as sun protection but I use it anyway as a skin-evener/protector. Skin foundation is my enemy; I hate how it blocks the skin’s pores. When I have it on I feel like my face can’t breath. Crème Teinté is a big foundation alternative; it hydrates, protects and gives an even bronzing color to the face. This removes most signs of tiredness like, dry spots, paleness and unevenness of the skin. Creams are so convenient because you can spread them anywhere you are with anyone barely noticing…and this in less than 20sec! No brushes no pads in your bag, just two pocket creams and your done! The best thing is, you can find any of these creams at any drugstore or cosmetics shop (especially easy to find if you live in Europe).

IMG_1884Now we covered up the skin area but in extreme cases, you will still have to polish up those sleepless eyes. Late-night parties, mobile phones, computers and Tabs will most likely give you dark swollen fish eyes…nobody wants that! While most beauty experts recommend eye-concealer (Anti-Cernes) but I am a very unconventional person. It might not be the best beauty tip but what works for me is a Matte-Mono Eye Shadow by Terra Natura. It gives me a great glow on the eye lids ant takes away the focus form the dark circles into the the bright fresh-looking eye-lids.

IMG_1928For a more glam-look, I use a Rossmann-Classic Red lip-stick on a layer of Labello lip-  stick for hydration. Other things you might find in my bag: an eyebrow brush for a more defined look, a hook hair-Tie and cover-up Tie. Hook Ties are really hard to find especially in Europe. These are more common in countries where women have long and heavy hair. I got mine from Lebanon. don’t worry if you cannt find this easily I will have a DIY special soon where I show you how you can make your own Hook-Tie.
Tomorrow’s Styling post will feature the hook-Tie and how you can use it to fix your hair. I will also reveal one of the outfits that are coming with me to Paris…See you tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.44.32 PMOne last tip, always keep a pastel nail polish in your bag. Like I said in my previous post, one can never go wrong with pastels and they work as a great nail damage cover up if you didn’t have time to go to the Nail Salon. What I am using now is the YOUSTAR pastel palette.



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  1. marcelayz says:

    I love natural looks

    1. Great taste! 🙂
      Natural look is very yummy 🙂

    1. Thanks I have another one but Matt.

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