Why Casio Made A Comeback

Here’s some news for you! I am wearing a watch again! After years of smart phone-dependence, I have decided to go back to retro…cheesy? …maybe. Authentic? …Definitely!

I grew up in the 90’s where everyone was carrying Casio Watches on their wrists. For Kids and Grownups, a Casio was as popular as today’s smart phones, not because they were “Cool” but simply because they were practical, functional and at that time it was modern! It beeps, it has an alarm, a timer and for god’s sake…It was digital! My grandpa had a Casio and so did I and in the 90’s we were all happy being awkward, nerdy and plastic!

Then the new millennium began and ruined it all for us. Everyone was concerned about whats fashionable and whats not the Casio’s were no longer cool and all those bulky huge watches started popping around on everybody’s arms, making people the accessory not the watch. I haven’t worn a watch since and with the smart phone invasion years later, I became totally dependent on my Iphone which also didn’t end up to be a great idea. I travel a lot and an Iphone’s memory doesn’t last longer than my morning jog, so it was about time that I get a new watch.

I did my share of window shopping but nothing appealed to me, until I accidentally went into a store in Paris, near Centre Pompidou. I looked around and saw a couple of Casio watches on display and I thought, if I was going to buy a watch its has to be a Casio! I wanted to have and it was one of those few shopping moments where I really knew for sure…I had to have it! I realized the price was four times what it was worth in the 90’s. Apparently, Casio has made a comeback and its cool again!

Well I guess people want to go back to authenticity. Casio was appreciated for the qualities it has we liked it then and we like it now more because its one of the few brands that doesn’t shove advertisement in our face. I guess what I am trying to say is, we are sick of brands telling us in the most desperate ways what we should like and what we must have. They have exploited every channel so long, that we became numb to pictures and most terribly to information. Casio did not sedate us like that! We are happy that we have a choice, we are happy to be left alone. We do not need to be force fed, we are not making Foie Gras. I bought my Casio because it didn’t tell me to buy it.


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    1. đŸ™‚ thank you!! đŸ™‚ kisssesss

  1. Hey , we like your watch , where can you buy it?

    1. Thank you! I got mine in Paris but this is the place that have it here: http://www.citadium.com/compariosearch?text=casio

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