Gods and Kings | The Sneak Peek

How often do you find a well writen book about two of your favorite designers?

It is hard enough to find a book about fashion that isn’t 80% Images, so when I heard that Dana Thomas has just released her double biography “Gods and Kings – The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano” I went to my closest Book Store and ordered myself a copy!

I had read some of the negative criticism that Thomas got on her book; The Guardian’s Sara Mower said “they are insinuating, brutally non-empathetic works calculated to fire hatred for the individuals concerned, and for the fashion industry itself.” The Independent’s Alexander Fury wrote: “…gossipy tell-all biography running their two stories side by side. Tasteless? Definitely. Lucrative? Probably.”

I have not finished the book yet but I am not sure that this book deserves the hard backlash. I have selected some of my favorite book extracts for you to read until I write my book review soon.

“McQueen is “fashion’s closest thing to a rock star”

“…I told him that not everyone had had the nicest things to say about him.

Alexander McQueen: “I wasn’t born to be loved,” he replied.
I watched those gazelles getting munched by lions and hyenas and said, ‘that’s me!’ Someone’s chasing me all the time, and if I’m caught they’ll pull me down. Fashion is a jungle full of nasty bitchy hyenas.”

John Galliano: “You’re only as good as your last collection”

John Galliano: “it’s the most spoken-about topic at dinner parties in Paris,” he boasted…The critics have a slightly bigoted view. One is allowed to have women mincing about in high heels and combat trousers and a scarf around their head, inspired by the war in Bosnia. One is allowed to be inspired by India, even though there is enormous poverty there. One is allowed to be inspired by Africa, even though the Masai tribe is a disappearing race…I don’t get why, just because this is on their own doorstep, it’s any different. Because they don;t want to know about these people?…”

Alexander McQueen: “I only get in trouble because I’m honest,” he insisted. “But some people can’t take it. It’s like Hitler and the Holocaust. He destroyed millions of people because he didn’t understand. That’s what a lot of people have done to me, because they can’t understand what I do.


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