Fashion film | Magdalena Koziej

My fascination with fashion clips is endless and so is my admiration for Magdalena Koziej! For those who don’t the design, Magdalena is an upcoming fashion design form Poland who is know for her unique style – a fusion of goth and glamor. I had met the design through the ADEA while we collaborate on a fashion clip for her Gothic Cathedral-inspired collection.

The concept was built around the Gargoyles and as the myth tells they turn from stone into creatures at sun set. We applied this concept to two beautiful models who as supposed, came to life at night. The idea was to project strength, sensuality, mystery and glamor, elements that Koziej bases her brand identity on.

After our successful collaboration, Koziej invited “Moda Styletelling” to her first runway show at The Gallery in Berlin Fashion Week. As great as her show was, Koziej will not stop impressing. Magdalena Koziej is a new comer with undoubtedly a great start. I look forward to Koziej’s next collection!


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