Hello Spring | I am not a fan

Spring is here and strangely I am not in the mood for it! Sure, the scenery is phenomenal and the atmosphere is wondrous but for some…its just irritating!
I mean that literally. The allergies, the bugs and sudden rainfall can put your body in the most inconvenient situation and your mood swings can turn so bad it starts to do the Twist!

It’s not all in my mind, even The Huffpost’s John Sharp agrees in his “5 reasons you don’t like Spring” – post!

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 5.59.35 PM

The other day, spring took the best of me! I put on my Black Widow/Drama Queen look and took a stroll around! I put on my pencil skirt, my jet-black Faux-fur waist jacket and my Poise loafers. For all that drama, I threw on a floppy hat and a beaded collar necklace.  The walk lasted long enough until I ran into the most delightful blue Trabi car – not a rarity in eastern Germany.


Spring or not you can pull of this look anytime if you play around with the right accessories. Not in the mood for all that drama? …Lose the jacket , get a smaller shoulder-cross bag and replace the collar necklace with a long chain necklace.

My dedication for the Hello Spring tagging routine goes to:

Patricia, Christina and Lissy


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  1. fabulous lady hat and look

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