Fashion Photography at it’s best | Christine Kreiselmaier

There are many talented artists in the world of fashion but only very few leave a mark on us and only a few we remember. Photographer Christine Kreiselmaier made her mark on me, as I discovered her work through some of SteinRohners previous campaigns – most noticeable in Lass Waksen.

Out of the endless lists of fashion photographers, Christine delivers more than photographs, she delivers a soul. After the digital boom, nearly anybody can pick up a camera and make good photographs but only a few can actually produce something of value and Christine does that. She is an extremely skilled photographer no doubt but she doesn’t stop there, she takes up art direction and she does it wonderfully. Whether it subconscious or not, I love the way she combines eclecticism with retro-minimalism together and still deliver extremely modern work. What fascinates me more is how even through simplicity, she is capable to induce glamour and wildness. She gives us a little to see but a lot to feel and this is what real fashion is about – Feeling! A photographer’s work is not any less than a director’s, as both must bring out a character in the subjects they shoot. Christine Kreiselmaier is definitely able to provoke her subjects – experienced or not – to bring out the emotions, the beauty and the character needed to complete the story.

Her academic background is as impressive, she has completed a BA degree in Art History and English Literature from the University of Berne (CH) and a degree in Photography from LCC (London College of Communication) and an MA in Fashion Photography from LCF (London College of Fashion). She has worked with labels like SteinRohner, Catherine Wales, Aetheree, Volpone, It’s Lauber, PAMB and was published by Harpers Bazaar, Madame Figaro, L’Officiel Ukraine, L’Officiel Switzerland, Vogue Italia, One Magazine, Fault magazine, Noctis, Guise, 1883 Magazine, Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and the list goes on.
(View Published Work)

I wish Christine much success and hope to work with her some day.


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  1. yes, I loved the post, the light you shed over her profile. amazing yes why not trying to team up it would be great results

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