Theater with a Kick

You know theater is not dying, when you get invited to Jena’s Fulldome Festival – better yet to the “Hotel zur Blauen Blume”!
The Fulldome Festival is a theatrical show with a kick. It is a mesmerizing collaboration between theater, cinema and 360˚ projections. I had personally experienced one of the outstanding performances at last year’s festival – “Kometentanz” – in Jena’s Zeiss Planetarium. The entire concept was based on a modern theatrical interpretation of Paul Scheerbart’s Kometentanz poem. The show was comprised of a theatrical performance, a dance show and a series of animated 360˚ projections. The show was so intense, that I am ready to catch this year’s “Hotel zur Blauen Blume” performance.


“Hotel zur Blauen Blume” will be an interpretation of Novalis’ “Blue Flower” roman and a reflection on the romanticist era and it’s insatiable yearning for love, beauty and transcendence. The performance will be realized by the Students of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in a collaboration with Zomaner – a Jena based performance group. Knowing what the producers realized back in 2014 I am completely confident about this year’s “Hotel zur Blauen Blume” production! If 3D cinema gets you high, this performance will get you tripping! Don’t miss the rare opportunity to watch some good quality theater and book you ticket here.


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