About The Florals

Its June and probably in most parts of the world, the sun is shining brighter than heaven! However, if you happen to be in north-central Europe the case might differ. I have been craving for warmth for more than a week now! I barely got to use my summer shorts, now I am back to my demi-saison Dad pants and light Pullis.

In the name of the 7 kingdoms, I beg you June bring back the sun!

I was lucky enough to be in Prague right before the weather turned, so I was able to stack up on some warm sunny vitamin D! Now after weeks of seeing and feeling grey, I decided to fight the blues and get into the summer mood even under the little rain droplets.

Not to be cliché but nothing speaks summer better a flowery head piece and light pastel colors! Flower Crows are this year’s hottest trend but what I love about my Bows For Your Bellas Floral piece is how it carefully measures minimalism and romance in one recipe. Most crowns in the market are either too big or too little, too feminine or too bulky; I prefer balance and this two flower set does it just right for me. If you want to wear floral crowns make sure you keep the rest of your outfit very simple otherwise the look could appear very costume-like. You also don’t want to look plain, so you could match a pink léger with a grey (matching colors) Dad pants to give the whole thing a meaning.

This look is quite easy, casual and trending with this years 90s madness. If you happen to be traveling to Europe soon this would be a perfect for the constant weather changes and quite comfortable for city walks!


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  1. From Beginning to Trend says:

    Cute outfit! And I love your hair, mine used to be super long and I regret cutting it!

    1. Thank you so much I always thought of cutting but once my hair dresser cut it shorter than usual and I hated it I almost cried cz I couldn’t recognize myself anymore so I told myself I’ll never cut it short! But no worries it will grow back just blow dry it often it will slow the process.

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