Paris Fashion Week – SANGUE

Paris Fashion Week just came to an end and what a Marathon it was! I wouldn’t have done it right had I not been to the Capsule show on Sunday. Brands from all over the world have come together, showing their best and latest 2016 S/S collections.

It was my first Menswear-Capsule I have attended and first on my list was SANGUE the very new Italian brand based in Puglia. SANGUE’s main inspiration hides literally in the city itself and its environment. To paint a better picture see here how SANGUE brilliantly finds its inspiration in Puglia’s alleys and consequently develops its items.

What is particularly intriguing with its work, is the intertwined variety of urban-freshness and rural-folklore in its prints. SANGUE’s S/S 2016 collection was particularly vibrant and brought back some of that sun-kissed 70s allure. This collection gives us a break from the less approachable strait cut and edgy glamor, that most Italian brands are known for. It has in fact, so much more freshness and relaxedness which is more resemblant to modern men and Italian youth.

ANGELO MILANO has done pretty good since he debuted SANGUE 3 years ago, which was surprisingly triggered by a challenge his friends set up! His creative techniques and brilliant eye for design has no doubt put SANGUE on the fashion watch list.


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  1. Danika Maia says:

    The patterns are beautiful!

    Danika Maia

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