Let’s get Lost | Danny Reinke’s new Fashion Film

So finally the moment we have been waiting for! Danny Reinke releases his new Fall/Winter collection in his new campaign: “Let’s get lost”

Danny Reinke teamed up with fashion film director Patricia Farah to set in scene his romantic concept behind the “Let’s get lost” collection.

The idea behind this collection is to bring back the flare of 90s fashion through a reinterpretation of childhood memories and dreams. The inspiration came from pyjama overalls, teddy bears, bedtime-stories and glowing sealing-stars!
Both film and collection bring a lot of retro/90s nostalgia back and take us into a world of mystery and dreams. In the film a princess-looking model finds herself strangely in a forest, when all of the sudden to gorgeous models start walking around her. At first sight Diana doesn’t recognize the strange faces but it’s only a matter of time before she realizes who they really are – The reincarnation of her childhood-Teddy Bears! As soon as she finally recognizes them, the three models fooling around like 9year olds playing “house.” Danny Reinke--

Check out he Making off:


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  1. very smooth, nice, take you to another floating cloud.. nice work

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