2016 Is All About Wellness

After years of heavy partying, I have decided to celebrate the holidays this year differently. 2015 was a great but hectic year, I have changed 4 apartments, graduated with an M.F.A. in Media/Art Design, started a new job and moved cities all in less than 3 months. While it might sound cool there is no way I would deny how stressful it all was. 2016 is my chance to start up fresh, to make new resolutions and look back on the things I’ve learned in 2015. My new year’s resolution is mainly to love myself more and learn to let go of unnecessary details that make my daily life more stressful than needed and this why I decided to celebrate the holidays with a little more lax and enjoy a little bit of wellness with my loved ones… I’ve earned it!

My journey started with a couple of nights at the Quellenhof Hotel & Spa in Leutasch-Tirol. What’s better than a room with a view to the Austrian Alps, a deliciously well prepared 6-course dinner, an open-buffet for breakfast, lunch and brunch and unlimited access to one of the worlds most renowned Spa? That is just one tiny part of what this wonderful 5 Star wellness hotel can offer you at the most magical time of the year. When all material things stop to matter, the Quellenhof Staff makes sure your needs are served before you even know it. Putting the pampering aside, what I really love about this place is that you get what you came for – pure relaxation – and this more achieved through atmosphere than actual perks. The Quellenhof really excels in that and that’s why my second visit will not be my last.

To top if off, my journey continued to Starnberger See in Bavaria-Germany. Still within the Theme “Apls”, the lake of Starnberg provides an excellent view to the German Alps with delicious meals and drinks provided by traditional Bavarian restaurants at its port. The Lake of Starnberg might not be the best choice for lake goers but it definitely captured my heart with its magnificent Alpine sun-set. If you are a fan of long walks by the lake, I would strongly recommend to visit Ammer See (Lake of Ammer) with an equally mesmerizing view but more public surfaces to access.

Last by not least, I closed down the holidays with more muscle as I checked out the BMW museum in Munich. There is nothing much more to say here, I will let the pictures speak for themselves but the only negative thing at the Museum was the souvenir shop that demonstrated lack of creativity in my opinion…I’m a designer, I’m very critical of things…

And by the way, if you happen to be a strong fan of cars, then I would totally recommend to take the factory tour. Unfortunately during my visit this was not possible to see, since all the workers where in holiday but from what I heard, the factory tour is a must-see.



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