Great Reasons Why You Should Already Be on The Mode Platform

After a huge success in North America Mode Media has finally launched the platform, in Germany and GB and will soon be launching it in France! For those who don’t know it yet, is a actually a social platform that regroups articles and video topics in the fields of fashion, technology, lifestyle, food and family, that interest both men and women!

So how does it work? is a social networking platform that curates the best content online. There are 6 channels: Foodie, Glam, Brash, Bliss, Tend and Video and in each channel you find different featured stories created by mode editors under different categories. After creating an account and editing your profile information, you can follow people you like or people that have interesting stories to share. You can equally create your own stories by adding the Mode Story builder – which you can drag and drop to your bookmarks. I personally have had close experience with the platform and I have to tell you, I LOVE IT and this is why you would too!

  1. It smartly curates the best content online:
    If you want more than an online format for scrapbooks, then is your arena. It doesn’t lack interactivity and it runs on smart content curation, that targets its viewers based on their interests. Its is definitely not a brainless flood of #fashionporn hub that gives viewer nothing in return… With, you receive not just inspiration but also information; reading a story titled “London Fashion Week Street Style Looks You’ll Want to Copy“is way more interesting than gazing at a mood bored of the British street-style inspirations.
  2. It curates la crème de la crème of the internet:
    As a user you can place your own creativity in creating a story. The way you build a story is by “pinning” articles or pictures that has interesting and relevant content that help the purpose and the concept of your story. So you are basically selecting the best stories online to form an article you might find interesting. If you want to find out about the best breakfasts in the world you can google it and try to make your own research or you can simply go to and find its directly there: “10 of the Best Breakfasts in the World

  3. You can interact with others:
    Similarly to Instagram, also works like a social platform, you can follow interesting members, comment and like there stories and vice-versa.
  4. It has its own Web-TV/video native-unit:
    How to make the internet 10 times better than it already is? Bring in TV!
    I don’t know why it took everybody so long but I am happy that someone finally integrated good quality videos and good content into a social platform. If you want to see the phone filmed pranks and the velfie make-up tutorials, then by all means please stick to YouTube. But if you want to get some culture, learn about lifestyle, fashion, health, technology and food, then stay up to date and get yourself a account. I mean they must be great, if they created the “100 years of fashion” video-series, right?!

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