Art That Is Worth Investing In

We are all sick of pretentious art. You know that kind that makes up anything – any excuse – to call itself art. We are sick of it because we respect art and artist – true artist – too much to accept the pretentiousness of consumerism and of nobelism that is unreal, untruthful and inauthentic to our emotions and to our senses. And because I, just like many others, still believe in authenticity, in purity of souls and of pure expressionism within art and in the duties an artist has, I dedicate this piece to a dear friend and a true Artist Anneliese Friztsch. She feels and she paints and her art makes me feel.

One-on-one with the mesmerizing Austrian artist:

  • Why do you make art?
    -Because I love it, I always did, even when I was a child I love to do and see any hand craft and art work. My mum trained me a lot by giving me color pens nearly every day to draw something … and I enjoyed it … also enjoyed to talk about these drawings with Mum … we actually always had lots of conversations about beauty, colors, shapes and how to do things…and we often laughed about things I was drawing when I was a child… I stopped drawing and painting in my teenage years.

  • When and why did you decide to become a painter?
    – I love art, I really adore it, I feel emotionally close to some souls by painting… This is a very enjoyable, a sort of holy feeling in a way…arts is chocolates for me; when you are finished with painting you are tired sometimes but always very satisfied and happy in several ways… This is why I wont stop being creative for the rest of my life.  It just happened to me, one day while I was painting I knew I am an artist. The way I artistically think by watching a person’s face to make a portrait is a unique way – the way of my emotion for a shape or a line or an expression in a face

  • What do you try to tell the world with your art?
    – With the concertos I wanna tell the people that music is a deep joy, it is magical, it is healthy, listening to music is healthy – high energetic and it can be so positive in several situations of life, I want to spend loads of high energy and joy. Some people do that through music, I do it through painting.
    My portraits and other works are often a mirrors of the society, of the world and it´s well known emotions and the being of souls – I love to show high intense emotions but always accompanied with a natural pleased souls…” we all need peace in this world”  is the current theme of my work.


  • Do you think the world is paying enough attention to art?
    – Yes, that´s very satisfying. We can be lucky with that situation. I like the attention I have already,  you can reach any age and any society with art, that’s the beauty of it. The main thing you need for an exhibition is the art work and your name on a sign that lasts. This should happen naturally and spontaneously.

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