Exactly How Healthy Is Gel Manicure ?

This article is probably coming out way too late. Gel manicures have been around for quite some years now and its popularity is undoubtedly increasing despite the numerous warnings about its side-effects!

For those who might know this yet, gel manicure is supposed to last up to 30 days on your nails without any splits or cracks. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well sure, if you are unaware of the disadvantages that come with it! Research centers and doctors have more than once warned about how unhealthy this type of nail polish could be when used frequently; the UV light used in the process of Gel manicuring is one of the most dangerous things you could do to your skin. The frequent exposure to UV light could most likely cause skin allergies and even skin cancer!

However even with this highly spread information, many are willing to ignore the facts and paint them nails with gel manicure like there is no tomorrow. Why have we become so obsessed with “perfection” and when have we become so lazy? A normal manicure would last one to two weeks maximum, which should be no problem considering that nail growth is inevitable and the growing space between nail polish area and flesh will look more repulsive than a 4th day-crack in your nail polish! Maybe its not laziness nor “perfectionism”. It could be something else, it could be self-destructiveness. Well whatever stop doing, do you really have to? The removal process is alone long and damaging enough. Soaking your nails in acid will not do your thin nails any good. Actually soaking anything in acid is no good, unless you are planning on removing those calc stains form your water-boiler!

Women – or men – of the world, do yourselves a favor, don’t use gel manicure or at least not as often! And if you must than use better alternatives.
Put sun-screen on your hand and nails before you start with the process.

  • Wear Special open-finger gloves to protect you from that UV radiation.
  • Go to nail salons that use LED lights.
  • Use a Sally Hansen Gel manicure instead, because that one does not need any UV light for fixation.

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