Fabulous Reasons Why We Love the 90s Grunge-Look

For some, 90s Fashion was the worst on the timeline. It was too plastic and the o-dding use of nylon made all sorts of trends look trashy. Sure the point was to make clothes new and cool but somehow the chaos back then created a shift from co0l grunge to poor taste.

Now, between Leandra Medine’s latest article on personal style and the latest 90s kid-nostalgia, the 90s grunge style has crawled back under the runway spotlights to find its way back into the corners of our closets. Being a 90s kid myself, you won’t hear me complain at all! The spice Girls’ outfits on Chupa-Chups stickers are still stuck in my mind and probably also in the minds of many others. Luckily, 90s grunge-lovers are numerous!

No surprise there! 90s grunge has simply a cool vibe to it. However the 90s version of modern times brought in new cuts and trends that make it look 10 times better.

  1. The platform sneakers & Doc. Martens:
    Back in the days, platform sneakers looked like a complete mess. There was an explosion of colors and a mixtures of textures and materials that should have never been aloud to be seen together. The discovery of plastic materials and textures did not help it back then. Thankfully the randomosities were controlled in the past years. Platform sneakers now look neat – they are a perfect mix of nerdy and cool.
  2. Braids:
    Braided hair is an easy way to add attitude to any look. Throughout the years, they never went out of style but they have always remained as the 90s signature hair-style. Back in the days, teeny tiny braids were the “grunge accent” makers, now, braids are more worn thick rather than thin thanks to Kim Kardashian’s on going braid-buzz.
  3. High-waist pants:
    The comeback of the high-waist isn’t real news. It has made its ways back to the market since 5 years at least and it reinvented itself in many ways. They highlight your curves beautifully and can be easily styled weather you want to show waist or not.
  4. The Slits:
    High slits and slit tops are this seasons most bought and talked-about pieces. They belonged to the minimalist era of the early 90s. They wear however never popular as they have become now. They can be beautifully styled with anything; a pair of jeans, a long skirt, a dress or even shorts. The best part of this hero-piece is that it fits all body types. If you have areas that you are not proud of, it covers them and if you have nice curves it highlights them through that sneak-peek slit we all love!

Pants: Vintage Paul Smith Similar

Slit Shirt: Mango

Platform Shoes: H&M Similar

Shades: Similar

Lipstick: Kiko

Necklace: Similar

Photo Credit: Lea Baddour


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