How To Tell Someone They Smell!

Ok no joke but we have all been there! There was always this classmate, colleague or friend that either occasionally or chronically smelled. It’s hard to say something but it’s harder to work or even exist in the same space with them. As delicate as this topic is, there should be a way to solve the awkwardness without being an absolute jackass.

So let’s start by not listening to what anyone with an advice has to say about it! NO don’t throw a soap bar or a deodorant at them, don’t leave it at their desk or their night stand or in their hand bag! And don’t do the offensive of them all; gift them perfume on their bday.

  1. Choosing an alibi:
    First things first, take them to a private space and tell them you need to talk to them about a sensitive issue. Then ask them what kind of body spray or soap they are using because you think it’s not suitable for their skin type as it’s giving them a bad smell. Use “skin type” as an alibi; some perfumes do not match a certain skin type so you can use this general rule as an excuse to point out the “smell” issue and maybe suggest something else like a product you think would suit their skin type – a product you or “a friends” might have used. This way you come out friendly and helpful without being rude or insensitive.2. Blame it on the product:
    Get to know what type of deodorant or soap they use, pretend it’s the same product you used in the past and it gave you a really bad smell so you decided to stop using it. After answering you could maybe add: “I thought so! Because when I started using it, it gave me a bad smell and I think it might be affecting you as well. You should consider changing it.” Letting the other person know that you’ve been in this situation before will make the entire issue less of a big deal. They will feel less ashamed and feel more comfortable talking about it now that they know you can relate to the problem, and will appreciate you for telling them.

    Keep this in mind; no one wants to smell bad with no one telling them, at the end of the day they will be more self-conscious and grateful to know that they have an honest friend to rely on!

    A bluntly honest girl.




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