Two European Cities You Can Do Quick & Dirty

Just started a new job and can’t jump into taking your summer holiday?

Tough luck should’ve thought of that before you took the darn thing!

nah, just kidding…you’re not done yet…you still got chance!
Weekend get-aways seem to be too short and too stressful, but they are all you got this summer and here is why we’re breaking down the 7 best cities you could do quick and dirty.


If you are living in Europe then you are the luckiest of them all. Geographically speaking traveling within Europe quick and cheap is the most possible. Destinations are close and easy to reach in short time especially if you live in central-west Europe. Prague is not only one of the best cities in the world but also one of the most geographically doable. Its affordable and can be seen and done in one weekend. Take a city tour with Sandman, they narrow down the most important parts of the city and you can discover almost all of them in one day. You start by the old town City Hall medieval astronomical clock – the oldest functioning clock – and then you move to the jewish quarter after passing through historical squares and monuments, like the city opera house and the city’s oldest art nouveau caffe. On the next day you can manage to see the castle, the golden way and the toy museum, situated all in one location. In between you can manage to enjoy Prague’s delicious street food, Chips on a stick, Ice cream in a bun-cone, Wurst and some goulash. Eat it while cruising in the neighboring streets and make sure not to miss Kafka’s Head sculpture.



Bologna is one the most fascinating but underrated cities of Italy. Everybody gets distracted by Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence but forget the hidden gem – Bologna. Its known for hosting the largest number of students and for having the oldest University in the world. Other than its “smoke”-tolerant environment, bologna is known for its magical party scene and its inexplicable cool vibe. You can discover its 7 secrets in one day, starting your trip with the Whispering in the Archway of Palazzo Podestá, Neptune’s Virility in Piazza Nettuno, Panis Vita, Canabis Protectio, Vinum Laetitia, The Broken Vase at the top of the Asinelli Tower, Bologna’s Hidden Canals, Panum Resis in the University and Basilica di Santo Stefano (known as the church of 7 churches). You can lastly cool down your touristic day with a visit to the Senza Nome bar, run buy death people who take your orders using sign language. All the drinks are carefully names on the menu through sign images you can use to order your drink. The bar was created to support its own community  within bologna.



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