Will the Pokemon Go Vibe Sneak Its Way Into Fashion?

Pokemon Go is all anyone seems to be talking about these days. The app-based game has spread its way into everybody’s hearts, even fashionistas’. As one of the fastest downloaded apps of all time, it looks like the game may well be taking over your wardrobe next. Here are 4 ways how Pokemon Go could sneak its way into your daily style:

Dressing Like your Avatar:
Gotta catch them all, or wanna wear them all? Taking slogan and logo tops to another level entirely, you can now get yourself a Pikachu sweater or Pokeball tee. And when they’re this cute, why wouldn’t you want to? Yes, you can now dress like your preferred avatar and Teen Vogue tells you exactly how to do it.

Marketing strategy for Brands:
Pokemon Go is becoming a shopping stimuli for gamers. The game is creating heavy catching spots in and around big-name stores such as Forever 21, Sephora and H&M, cleverly pushing gamers into stores. Soon you’ll be catching a new outfit along with your Rhyhorn, then.

Dressing up for the occasion:
According to Miss Vogue, there should also be a dress code for playing Pokemon Go. You have no excuses for looking unpolished during a game, with a quick and easy style guide on what to wear and how to wear it.

Designer Collabs:
It may be too soon for predictions, but Italian fashion house Moschino has previously collaborated with Nintendo on a Super Mario collection. Should we expect a Pokemon collab soon?…I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that!


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