October Is The New September

I still remember how rainy it used to be back in school during the months of October november. That sweet scent of fresh soil sinking under the first drops of rain after a long month of heat and drought is simply unforgettable. Time has proven how easy we are effected by change and global warming has proven to be as real as Britney’s breakdown.

Living in Germany one gets not much of summer; a couple of warm days in August and thats pretty much it. Which is not a problem when you realize how many nearby places you could travel to in September or even lately in October!

If you like traveling in the European comfort zone, a one week trip to Valencia is a must! Forget about Overrated Ibiza #so2007 and forget about the catalonian gem Barcelona! Even though both cities mentioned are worth a visit, but if you want pure relaxation Valencia is where you want to be. It’s small size and easy PT system will make your #summer2016 vacation your most relaxing. The beach there is paradise, long, wide and clean as a whistle, best to go there in September yo avoid the nasty drunken crowd which we obviously didn’t have to deal with! Directly by the beach sidelines you will have a series of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs to eat, drink and dance at! What’s better than a night of drinks and fun under Spanish stars breathing that Mediterranean breeze oh so famous breeze! Not so far away and with a short trip by tram, you can reach the old city and enjoy it’s rich cultural history. Discover the archeological gems starting by the cathedrals and passing by the oldest fan making workshop in the city. If you have a modern taste for architecture, make sure not to miss the City of Arts and Sciences on of the most futuristic I have seen!

If you like discovering something new and have to fly all the way to the tropical asian destination, head off to the middle east and discover the phoenician gem Byblos! Its a relatively small city, you can probably enjoy all of its beauty on a quick weekend getaway or stay there for a week and discover other lebanese cities. In October you can still enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean sea, get a nice drink at the Old Souks Pubs and visit the Ancient ruins left behind by Phoenicians, Romans, Egyptians and more… All that without the insane crowd crawling the streets like it usually

is in the month of July and August!


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